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AS-PL announce yet further expansion

Date: 21-Aug-2018

In line with constant development of the company and the continuing increase in global sales and demand, AS-PL announce yet another addition to their ever-expanding warehouse and office complex.

Alongside their current warehouse capacity at Lubichowo and the Gdansk Head Office facility, the new 3,000sq.m warehouse facility based in Pannatoni Park, Gdansk, which will also be the new home of the expanding Sales Department, is planned to open during September.

Kevin Sharp, Director of Sales UK & Ireland for AS-PL states “This additional warehouse space is very welcome and very much needed. When the company opened and moved into its current Head Office & Warehouse facility in 2013 and then added the additional warehouse space when it opened its factory in Lubichowo in 2016, we never envisaged that within 5 years we would have outgrown the space we had available. However, due to phenomenal sales growth across all areas of our business means we have just run out of space”.  

Sharps further adds “It isn’t just the extra space for stock that is important. As we grow globally then we need to ensure we have the correct and adequate support functions in place to support that growth. Therefore, the Sales Department, which will be extended in line with growth sectors around the globe, will also move to the new Pannatoni Park facility and have an additional 500 sq.m of bespoke office space. This will allow further expansion in Marketing, I.T. and product development at the current Gdansk Head Office.  

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