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The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation

BER update: The IAAF is working with FIGIEFA to ensure the rights of the aftermarket are maintained

Date: 01-Nov-2019

For for over 10 years, the Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Regulation (MV-BER)  has set out the legal framework which allows parts distribution and repair companies to provide competitive aftermarket services, in direct competition with the vehicle manufacturers’ networks. However, this crucial piece of legislation is due to expire in May 2023 and the European Commission is questioning the benefits of renewing this sector-specific legislation and is currently assessing the achievements of MV-BER and its potential future.

There is therefore a major risk that the MV-BER could simply disappear. Alternatively, it could be extended in its current format, thus maintaining the status quo. Lastly, it could be updated, with two different possible scenarios: it could be
watered down, eliminating some safeguarding measures for the independent aftermarket’s competitiveness, or, on the other hand, it could be upgraded to take into consideration all the new developments.

As a member of FIGIEFA, the IAAF participated in the establishment of the current version of MV-BER, and, with FIGIEFA, is advocating to the European Commission that the existing legislation be extended and upgraded.  In particular, the IAAF is active in the consultation process set up by the European Commission where there are regular meetings with European officials, particularly the Directorate General for Competition, which is responsible for the legislation.

There will be regular updates on the progress of the legislation which, even after the UK leaves the EU, will nevertheless impact UK businesses since we operate in a global market.  To read a more detailed account of FIGIEFA's work, please download the FIGIEFA document.


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