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The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation

Evaluation of Block Exemption Regulation (EU) No 461/2010

Date: 29-Mar-2019

Following on from the announcement in issue 867 of the eBulletin, the IAAF has now made its submission to the Commission Roadmap.  To view the IAAF's feedback, please click here: 

IAAF submission to BER Roadmap IAAF submission to BER Roadmap (469 KB)

The IAAF has also sent a copy of its submission to the Dept. for Transport as this will also be a key piece of legislation for the UK.  

It is the intention of the IAAF to put together a BER Working group from the membership to enable the federation to be fully prepared for the BER consultation when it commences next year.

The Commission will now be commissioning a fact-finding study to an external contractor.  Future stages in the process include:

  • Public consultation of 12 weeks (Q2/2020) to collect in-depth and high-quality evidence on the key competition issues from the perspective of businesses, consumers and EU competition law enforcers.
  • The above public consultation will be supplemented by targeted questionnaires where appropriate.
  • The findings of the public consultation will be summarised in a report and made available to stakeholders by Q2/2021.
  • Political decision on the next steps (such as possible revision, legislative proposal, etc.).

The IAAF will continue to keep the membership updated over the coming months on the progress of this key piece of legislation.

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