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The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation

FIGIEFA and IAAF are working hard to protect the rights of the aftermarket under proposed cybersecurity legislation

Date: 17-Oct-2019

A very large proportion of the legislative and regulatory framework for automotive aftermarket businesses is decided at European Union or even at United Nations levels.

FIGIEFA represents independent automotive parts distributors amongst European and international legislators. It monitors their legislative proposals and is in constant contact with them, with the aim of securing legislative framework conditions that allow you to operate your business in an open market, with free competition and a fair, level playing field. FIGIEFA is a participant in UNECE, a body of the United Nations which deals with mobility issues (amongst others) and work has started on creating a Regulation on cyber-security which is proposed to be finalised early next year, this would then be referenced into the European Union as vehicle type approval legislation.

The IAAF is one of the two bodies representing the UK in FIGIEFA, this cooperation is particularly important as it ensures that the UK automotive aftermarket retains an input into legislative and regulatory decisions that will impact the rights of UK businesses to conduct routine and legitimate work practices when repairing and maintaining businesses.

A PDF leaflet can be downloaded below which explains the issues in more detail.

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