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Important information : Do you sell batteries or other corrosive materials on-line or deliver these products to residential addresses?

Date: 26-Jul-2018

It has come to our attention that a new proposed piece of legislation ‘The Offensive Weapons Bill 2018’ could have unforeseen consequences for anyone selling batteries or other corrosive materials on-line or delivering to residential addresses.  
The legislation would affect all offensive weapons including firearms, knives as well as corrosive liquids. As it stands the current wording of the bill would mean that any lead acid/sulphuric acid batteries which are sold and delivered to personal home address in the UK would be included in scope. Sections 5-11 in the link below are the relevant ones to read. 
Under the proposals you would also be committing an offence if you sell a corrosive liquid i.e. a battery, to anyone under 18 and the seller will need to take steps to ensure they know the age of the individual making the purchase through positive identification. Custodial sentences will apply for those not making these checks.
At present the Offensive Weapons Bill 2018 is still in the Committee stage but Government will be accepting written comments up until mid-September.  
Clearly this will be of particular concern to those of you with a significant on-line presence which is why we are bringing it to your attention. I would be grateful if you could feedback any comments, to the as soon as  possible so that we can start preparing our submission.

You are also more than welcome to submit your own comments and this can be done by CLICKING HERE.

We are also seeking views from the BBIF (British Battery Federation) who we also working with on this issue.

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